Thursday, 30 January 2014


Well I've been out for lunch today at a local pub for some traditional fayre. Nice food and lovely Oak furniture that got me inspecting the construction. But, hang on, what's that on the table leg near the wife?

On closer inspection it looks like a mouse!

Come to think of it, as I look round the room it doesn't seem to be the only one!

There's even one managed to find it's way onto the bar!

And also onto this beautiful chair with thick hide seat and back.




  2. Very mice! I love the playfulness.

  3. Yes this pub was totally furnished by the Robert Thompson firm of Kilburn, North Yorshire. It's the Bluebell Inn at Wentbridge, close to where I live.
    If anyone is in the area and is interested in Oak furniture and Robert Mouseman Thompson., it's well worth a visit; I've only shown a small sample of the different pieces here. The company have fitted out a fair few churches and public houses round this area. I live within 2 miles of Wakefield, which has some Mouseman chairs in the congregation area but unfortunately most of them have been stolen as opportunists realise the money they can make on ebay. I'll nip up to Kilburn in the near future and do a post on the Thompson operation up there. JM

  4. Hah! Much better than the live variety that wake us up running about in the underdrawing. Well worth a visit to Kilburn, don't forget to check out the white horse on the hills above. They do small packs of leather off-cuts for £5 for church funds too. Must check out your pub too. Must be posh customers who don't nick them.

    Kind regards,


  5. It's well worth a look Richard if you're in the area.