Friday, 20 May 2011

Images from the Bodger's Ball 2011

My fellow bloggers have already posted plenty of information regarding this years' event at Lower Brockhampton, so I'll just add a few images and comments of my own. Me and the wife went down on the thursday so we could visit the Morgan car factory at Malvern on friday morning (more of that anon) and were extremely lucky to find a Farm guest house within a mile of the estate called Linton Grange Farm. This was an old Hop kiln with exposed beams and massive planked oak floorboards with loads of evidence of its former use. The hospitality is amazing, to the extent that staying there was one of the highlights of the weekend- thoroughly recommended.
The ball itself was enjoyable- I must say the demonstrators worked tirelessly to provide constant points of interest throughout the weekend and the flow of information and tips was very much appreciated.Dave Jackson in particular never seemed to stop and demonstrated a variety of different crafts. Thats Dave making Gypsie flowers on the Shavehorse.

For me the highlight of the weekend was watching Henry Russell and Robin Wood Hewing timber using axes. I have to confess I love axe work, when I first got into green woodworking I was amazed at the versatility of these tools- from wasting large amounts of timber to refining detail to almost finished items. I would love to get on a course under Henry's tutilage and work towards producing some kind of Cruck of my own.

Tyhe wife even made a basket, so she was chuffed.

Ok thanks for now, must rush I'm on nights tonight. More to come now Ive finally managed to log in!! , John.