Thursday, 6 January 2011

Quick Spoon Carving Tip.

Here are a few spoons freshly carved and almost finished. I have found that I get a much nicer finish on the spoons if you immerse them in Linseed oil for a couple of days BEFORE taking the little finishing cuts. Of course this means allowing a bit of extra material as you get close to your final spoon. I think the oil consolidates the wood fibres and also lubricates the knife cuts.
I often go back to spoons and other treen months after making and oiling them and find a much nicer surface can be attained, then simply re-oil them. I recently did this with the very first item I made chez Robin Wood ( sacrilege, I know) and refined it to a design I am really happy with, and have been using as a template for a batch- I'll post some pics anon.
Cheers John