Thursday, 14 April 2011


Well I've just erected the tent I bought cheap off ebay to make sure its not a dud before we go down to the Bodgers Ball next month. I'm sure anyone from the Uk reading my blog will know about the annual gathering of Pole Lathe Turners and Greenwoodworkers, which this year takes place near Hereford. I've only been once before, the year before last, for the day at Doncaster; its a bloody long way but I'm going this year for the full fri/sat/sun weekend. If you want to say hello I've got a silver Berlingo and will be there with the wife. I'll take along loads of tools if anyone wants a play and a selection of different timbers to try-hopefully see some of you there.

What a lovely time of year this is, I always find early spring a good time of year to identify trees and shrubs in the field as they break bud at different times and look a lot less like one another than later in the season. I particularly like to see the delicate bright green fruit of Elm in the hedgerow set against the darkness of still dormant species:-

On the far right and left of the above picture is the blossom of Wild Cherry trees. Here's a close up of the Elm fruits.

Another tree that looks dramatic at this time of year is the Blackthorn, in white drifting blossoms.
But most of this week has been spent digging over my neglected allotment before it can be rotivated.Every weed has to be carefully removed which is slow work but I'm finally making progress- I've even got my potato and onion sets in!!

Cheers for now, John


  1. Stop your whining John, It is not as far as I had to go from Devon to Doncaster. Looking forward to seeing you there.
    All the best Sean

  2. oh but that's in the halcyon days when derv was less than a quid a litre Sean. I'm only jesting anyway-it did put me off going last year though because work meant it would have been a daytrip. Look forward to seeing you there mate for a pint and a singsong. Oh yes- and a bit of woodwork too. All the best , John

  3. Hi John
    Keep up the blog - as a lurker I read it regularly and have been inspired to copy several of your ideas! Nice to meet you at the Ball. Regards Rich

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