Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I've been doing a bit of experimenting and working on a prototype similar to the Nimbus 2000 and come up with this. So far I've only taken it around the garden at an altitude of a couple of metres for health and safety reasons. It's fairly easy to gain or lose altitude by lifting or dipping the nose, but trickier to alter direction; you have to bank your weight over to the side you want to turn to. I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who's built one and of course would appreciate flying tips. Cheers John


  1. I prefer shavehorses to flying brooms, I find they make for a more stable platform when turning into a chute dive.

    Try counterweighting the broom handle when turning and giving it a kick with the heel, turns on a dime! Also you should have the balance point fairly to the rear, but not off the back.


    Anyone ever told you you are mad?;-)

  2. I frequently get told I'm mad so I thought I better prove it. Expelliarmus!!!!!!

  3. :-) Nice one John. Watch out for splinters!

  4. Bouncing off a trampoline then...:-)

  5. Thank God you are mad, it´s the ones being normal causing problems;-).

    I don´t believe in trampolins, they are superstition;-)

    Thank you for a hearty laugh!!!!

  6. excellent, spread a little fun around I thoroughly enjoyed that.