Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Greenwood carving tools

These are the tools featured in my header, and the ones I use for 90% of my greenwood carving projects. They are, from L-R, a Helgess RH spoon knife, a Frosts 106 sloyd knife and a Gransfors Bruks Carver's axe. These were the tools that were used on a spoon carving course I attended at the workshop of Robin Wood in Derbyshire, 2 years ago. Since acquiring and using these tools I have tried a few other patterns and makers, but none have surpassed the results I have had with these. I do however have an open mind so I will be trying others and will post my findings on here in due coarse. I will also post some of the different methods I employ to sharpen my edge tools-a subject that eveyone seems to have a different slant on.

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