Friday 25 February 2011

Wooden 'Pots'.

As I promised in an earlier post I thought I'd show how I make wooden vessels:- a take on Shrink pots I guess but using Sirewood found on the forest floor. Here I'm using some gnarly, knobbly Elm I thought looked interesting.

In this case the pith and central heartwood had rotted away, otherwise I would have drilled a central escape hole with a forstner bit. Pretty straight forward really, enlarge the hole using gouges and a mallet, followed by a spoon knife to smooth the inner surface and get the walls to about 3/8" to 1/2" thickness.

I then mark out for a rebate which will take the base and a leather fixing gasket.

Then remove about 1/4" material with a carving knife to form the rebate : this is the most tedious step.

I use 'Saral' to mark the inner profile of the bottom of the vessel onto some thin timber to make a base.

Here the base has been cut out and fitted. It is pushed up snugly against the rebate and fixed in position by a thick leather thong and some copper tacks.
Base completed. Lids can be made and fitted in a similar manner, marking out with Saral.

More pots

Easy peasy. Cheers John


  1. very nice post john

  2. Great pots John!
    That's an interesting tool for marking the rebate out, not seen one before, what's it called?